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The Girl on the Wrestling Team Proves Shes Stronger Than You

Brittany Babbles
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Warning this story contains EXTREME THEMES that could be triggering to some

One of the popular girls on the female college wrestling team is caught up in some “friendly” competition with the team captain of the male wrestling team. They’re always in a debate about who’s the better wrestler. He is very friendly and he’s always just joking. But she’s not as friendly. Actually, she’s a genuine bully. He is in fact, the better wrestler but she is sadistic and mean. And she’s about to show him what happens to nice guys who don’t take anything seriously. 

Both wrestlers always stay late after practice. This was the last match of the season and they won’t be back in this gym for a long while. She knows this is her opportunity to damage him permanently and to settle the debate for good. 

Themes include: [Fdom] [Ball busting] [Humiliation] [Bully] [Tough Girl] [Grappling] [Ball torture] [Ball busting] [Mentions Castration] [CBT] [SFX]

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This script was written for adults, by adults. All characters are 18+

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The Girl on the Wrestling Team Proves Shes Stronger Than You

5 ratings
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