Cucking The Bull Series (4 Audios Total)

Brittany Babbles
23 ratings

FREE AUDIO - Cucking The Bull
You're in the middle of being used by your mistress when you speak out of line. She's not impressed with your behaviour and denies you an orgasm. She puts you in your place before going home to her husband

Themes in this audio include: [F4M] [Listener Is The Bull] [Riding] [Female On Top] [FDom] [FemDom] [Insults] [Humiliation] [Feels] [Realistic] [Relationships] [Orgasm Denial]

Alternate Ending ($10) - Giving In To The Bull:
Instead of denying her bull an orgasm this time, he convinces her to stay and fucks her silly. To the point where she ends up degrading her husband for him, even though she really doesn't want to. The different ending starts at 11min in.

Themes in this audio include: [F4M] [Listener Is The Bull] [Putting The Bull In His Place] [Riding] [Female On Top] [FDom] [FemDom] [Insults] [Humiliation] [Feels] [Realistic] [Relationships] [Role Reversal] [Female Submission] [G-Spot Hitting] & [Creampie]

Get the FREE audio "Cucking The Bull" (13min) & unlock the alternate ending "Giving In To The Bull" (23min) for $10


Get the FREE audio "Tonight I Dumped My Bull For You" (16min) & unlock "You Can Help Raise My Bull’s Baby" (13min) for $10


FREE AUDIO - Tonight I Dumped My Bull For You
This is a follow up to Cucking the Bull - where you (the listener) is the bull

In Part 2 you are the husband. She's coming home to you after leaving the bull for speaking out of line. She comes home for a loving, romantic fuck and you want to hear all the details about what happened with this bull.

Themes in this audio include: [F4M] [Cuck Husband] [Gentle FDom] [Realistic] [Relationships] [L-Bombs] [Loving] [Re-Affirming Relationship] [Kissing] [Cuck Talk] [Cuck] [Open Relationship] [Marriage] [Handjob] [Spit] [Creampie] [Riding] [Female On Top] [Wet Sounds]

Another continuation in the "Cuck & Bull" series! ($10) - You Can Help Raise My Bull’s Baby
This time she's left a voicemail for her husband to let him know the Bull is going to be a bigger part of her life now... her... boyfriend. And he's going to need more of her, like fucking her over the phone while she leaves you this voicemail message... hopefully, you'll be okay with raising his baby with her.

Themes in this audio include: [Confession] [Open Relationship] [Taking A New Boyfriend] [While Being Fucked] [Creampie] [Multiple Orgasms] [Over The Phone] [Girl-On-Top] [Cuck] [Extreme Cucking] [Breeding] [You Can Raise It]

These scripts were written for adults, by adults. All characters are 18+


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Cucking The Bull Series (4 Audios Total)

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