Taking Your Bimbo Fuck-Toy To Be “Maintenanced”

Brittany Babbles
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As a bimbo, having you assigned as my legal Handler has been the best thing ever! I finally have someone to take care of me. To drive me to my checkups. To put me in my place. To make sure I wear the right kinds of slutty outfits that show off my bimbo body. Someone to breed me every night...or whenever you want. But you know what I need right now? I need you to show the cute receptionist and the hot doctor who I belong to. During my exam.

Themes in this audio include: [Hospital] [Checkup] [Voyerism] [Public] [Fingering] [All Female] [Lingerie] [Display Me] [Bimbo] [Blowjob] [Sticking Out Tongue] [Hair Pulling] [Rough] [Deepthroat] [Neck Bulge] [Fucking On Exam Table] [Creampie] [Breeding]

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Written By Reddit User u/Mental_Trap
This script was written for adults, by adults. All characters are 18+

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